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The Prayer of a Bitter Wife
Infidelity is one of the most devastating things that can happen in a relationship. Unfortunately, one in four relationships experience some form of it. Are you a woman in one of those? Have you been betrayed by your husband or partner? Is your marriage on the brink of divorce? Are you trapped in an abusive or unhealthy relationship? Or do you find yourself seeking married partners or Sugar Daddies? Or have you discovered yourself to be the “other woman”?
This book is for you. It is for all women who have struggled with the hurt, shame, and deception of betrayal.
The Prayer of a Bitter Wife extends hands of grace, love, and companionship to all women afflicted by the pain of infidelity. Whatever your circumstances, God has not forgotten you. This powerful book offers Christian guidance for troubled women seeking answers, solace, or the means to repair their relationships. Using a faith-based approach to healing while incorporating Bullet Prayer Points, you can heal yourself and your family.
Whether you want to rescue your relationship, leave an unhealthy relationship, or simply forge a future free of pain, Prayer of a Bitter Wife is the book for you. With this book and the Bullet Prayer Points, you will equip yourself with the tools to find truths with God and, if you find yourself straying, to bring you back to His light.
Are you ready to move forward from the painful past to seek a healthy, godly future?

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Mercedes Monden is a daughter, a wife, a mother, a spiritual adviser, mentor, a conference host, a prophetic intercessor, a life coach, and an ordained minister in the office of a prophet. Mercedes Monden operates in the apostolic as an evangelist and a prophet to the nations of the world. She is the founder of Breath Holies Worldwide Outreach Ministries, Mercedes Monden Ministries, Royal Crown Church, and the Pursuit of Divine Purpose Empowerment Conferences. She is the author of the Business & Financial Wealth Creation. Fulfilling Gods Purpose For Your Life Against All Odds. She is the visionary of the National Prayer Chain Movement in the Netherlands. She is a well-known conference speaker in both the business world and

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